• Title in French: Projet MMEFi
  • Course code: tba
  • ECTS credits: 5
  • Coordinator: Renaud Bourlès
  • Supervisor(s) : professionnels, enseignants-chercheurs du corps professoral
  • Assessment: written report, oral presentation and client evaluation

Brief description

The purpose of the MMEFi project is to make students confront with a complex problem proposed by a company or a researcher. It is a team work and the students are expected to put into practice the management tools tey have learnt during the management courses in the engineering curriculum at Ecole Centrale de Marseille.

If your company or your organization wants to propose a project subject, then feel free to contact the coordinator, Renaud Bourlès, in order to know the framework of our cooperation.


The clients who propose projects are companies, organizations, research laboratories,…

Ecole Centrale de Marseille is very grateful to the following companies which have contributed to training MMEFi students for their professional careers: BP2S, Axa, E&Y, Marseille innovation, Goji Markets, BonPlanCinema, InPact, Abel4Com, Happy Capital.

Exemples of project topics

  • Analyzing the impact of job turnover on the reserves for employee commitments, for a financial company
  • Building a benchmark for private management, for a financial start-up
  • Creating a generator of economic and financial scenarii, for a financial company
  • Creating a selection and rating tool, for a financial start-up
  • Creating an optimal index (smart benchmark) limited to “socially responsible” companies, for a financial company
  • Creating automated pricers for hedging purposes, for a financial start-up
  • Developing a market study and a marketing plan for a start-up
  • Developing a tool of treasury forecast in the context a raw material trading, for a financial company
  • Developing the financial and commercial strategy of a start-up
  • Suggesting methods to value stock options, for a financial company
  • Validating inflation models, for a financial company
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