• Title in French: Marketing quantitatif
  • Course code: tba
  • ECTS credits: 1
  • Teaching hours: 25h
  • Type: elective course
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Coordinator: Renaud Bourlès
  • Instructor(s): Vincent Archer (LD Mobile), Pascal Ferroro (Enov research), Denis Garcia (Makazi), Sarah Möller (Oreca)

Brief description

This course is an elective course aimed at anyone interested in applying scientific methods to marketing.

Learning outcomes

  • Know how to build and study a marketing study
  • Understand the issues of web-larketing and data marketing

Course content

  1. Marketing studies: How to build a study (a survey) and how to treat the resulting information
  2. Data Marketing: introduction to the issues linked to web-marketing (big data, tender, graph theory)
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